For all those out there, trying.

For everyone out there,

Trying to “make it big”
Trying to “figure it out”
Trying to start
Trying to create
Trying to be something
Trying to be someone
Trying to be less wrong
Trying to get your shit together
Trying to, well, just try.
As a millennial, I understand.

Take it from a person who is trying to “figure it out” himself. Take it from a person who is surrounded by a generation who want to “make it big”, and has massive potential to, but are not able to for “some reason”.

Though I know for a fact that this happens, I just don’t understand why!

What could the reason be? How big could it possibly be that it is stopping us from merely trying?

Is it fear? Laziness? Insecurity? Over-thinking? Lost sense of direction? Pursuit of Perfection?

Where do these things come from? Why do they exist? Are they just a figment of our imagination?

As I said, I see a tremendous amount of potential around me. I see a glint of “doing something” in the eyes of millennials. In fact, the energy is so positive and so strong that I can feel it.

Then what's stopping us from chasing our dreams?
Why is it so difficult to “start” in the first place?

Let’s figure it out. Together. Because life is too short to learn only from your mistakes.

Till then, keep trying.

Following up in the next article.