To New Beginnings…

The two most important parts of any journey are its ending & its beginning.

Endings make you look back and reflect upon everything that happened. It makes you grateful, and humble.

Beginnings give you something to look forward to. It makes you curious and aspirational.

While one allows you to reflect on past mistakes, the other gives you a chance to make new ones.

Officially we have one of each every year — December 31 & January 1.

We are already one month into 2020 and January felt like it flew. Just like that. In the blink of an eye.

How many of us are still “planning” to read that book?
How many of us are still “thinking” to start that thing?
How many of us are still “waiting for permissions”?

How many of us are still guilty of answering the above questions? Well, tbh — I am.

And if your response to one of these questions is a speechless face (with a tinge of guilt) or an outright — YES, it’s alright. It is okay. I understand that it has been difficult.

Following up in the next article.